1. How can I view my open positions?

Details of any open positions can be found if you click on the 'Trade' tab found on your 'Terminal' window in your platform.

2. How can I view my previous trades?

You can see details of the trades that you have made and that have been settled if you click on the 'Account History' tab found on your 'Terminal' window in your platform.

3. How do I monitor my account?

Log into your account and click on Account History. You will see details of the most recent closed trades you have conducted and details of any profit/loss.

4.Can I see an up-to-date account statement on screen?

ICM Capital dealing software tracks all trading activity in real time, allowing clients to view current open positions, real-time profit and loss, margin availability, account balances, and all historical transaction details directly on-screen. Just select the history tab in the trading terminal.

5. Will I receive a statement?

You can view your statement online once you have logged into your account, Click on Account History, right click in the box, Save as report, choose the dates you wish to save the statement.

6. How do I calculate the profit and loss on my trade?

Contract size x market movement.


Long one Lot ($100,000) EUR/USD @ 1.4235

Market rises to 1.4255

Therefore 100,000 x 0.0020 = + $200

Short one Lot (1,000 barrels) WTI Crude Oil @ $75.06

Market rises to $75.28

Therefore 1,000 x $0.22 = - $220

Short one Lot (EUR 100,000) EUR/JPY @ 127.45

Market falls to 127.15

Therefore 100,000 x 0.30 = +JPY 30,000 (USD/JYP = 90.08) = +$333

Short one Lot (EUR 100,000) EUR/JPY @ 105.82

Market rises to 106.05

Therefore 100,000 x 0.23 = -JPY 23,000 (USD/JYP = 80.92) = -$284

7. How would the P&L of my account work if my account is USD based and I am trading a non USD based currency pair e.g. EUR/JPY?

Your P&L will be calculated by the movement in the 'Quote' or 'Term' currency; in this case JPY, then that value will be converted into USD at the current rate of USD/JPY.

8. If I hold a Euro or British Sterling based account and I am trading USD based products, how would my P&L work?

Your P&L will be calculated by the movement in the USD based product and the dollar value of that position will then be converted into EUR or GBP at the current rate of that particular currency v USD.

9.How is my account affected if I hold a currency position overnight?

No swaps/interests charged on regularly traded accounts.

10.When does my position expire?

You may hold your Spot positions (Spot currencies, Gold and Silver) for unlimited period of time and will never expire as long as you have sufficient funds to cover your margin requirements. OTC CFDs have an expiry date, please refer to our contract specification to view the expiry dates.

12. What are the fees, commissions for trading at ICM Capital?

Zero fees and commissions on all products, excluding US Stocks.

13. Do you provide any recommendations or analysis for the Forex Market?

ICM Capital sends out Trading Central market reports on a daily basis in English and Arabic. In addition to this traders are provided with MT4 trading signals, plus Live Accounts receive daily SMS news updates.

14. What is the spread? How large is it at ICM Capital?

ICM Capital offers tight spreads on all its products; clients can choose to trade with fixed or variable spreads depending on account type

For more information please see Contract Specifications.

15. How may I trade over the Internet?

Executing trades via the internet is made easy by ICM Capital. Just download and install the Metatrader 4 software and log in to your account.

To open a trade, click the "new order" button in the trading terminal, enter the trading volume desired in the New Order window, then click on the BID (sell) or Offer Executing a deal with ICM Capital via the Internet. This is a simple two-step process. Simply enter the number of lots and then click on the BUY or SELL button to open an instant Market Order. Your deal is then automatically executed by the dealing software which will calculate the margin requirement, and if there are sufficient margin funds available in the account, the deal is confirmed online within just a few seconds. The open order then appears in your trading terminal and is updated automatically according to market conditions.

16. Can I set pending orders in the ICM Capital trading platform?

Yes you can, the ICM Capital MT4 software accepts the following pending order types.

  • Limit orders: A BUY Limit Order may be set when the current market price is 10 pips or more above the current market quote. The order is executed when the ASK price falls to the level set in the BUY Limit Order. Conversely, A SELL Limit Order may be set when the current market price is 10 pips or more below the current market quote. The order is executed when the BID price rises to the level set in the SELL Limit Order.
  • Stop Orders: A Buy Stop Order may be set when the current market price is 10 pips or more below the current market quote. The order is executed when the ASK price rises to the level set in the BUY Stop Order. Conversely, A SELL Stop Order may be set when the current market price is 10 pips or more above the current market quote. The order is executed when the BID price drops to the level set in the SELL Stop Order.
  • Stop Loss Orders: A Stop Loss order is an important feature which can be used to either cut out of a losing trade without risking the entire account and to minimize the loss, or to lock in profit on a profitable trade.
  • Take Profit Orders: The Take Profit order is used to automatically exit a trade at a profitable level of your choosing.
17. What is margin and how can I calculate how much I need?

Margin is the amount of money required in your account in order to open a trade. Margin is a simple calculation based on the current market quote of the base currency vs USD, the volume requested, and the leverage level you have selected when opening your account. The dealing software will not allow you to open a position if you do not have sufficient free margin available.

Your free margin is indicated in the MT4 trading terminal.

Margin is simply a deposit required to open/maintain positions. Some companies use different ways of calculating margins or floating leverage where the formula may become complex. At ICM Capital we offer low fixed margin. For example our margin requirement for gold is $800. Let's take a trader with $20,000 in his account. Our trader buys 1 lot of gold at a price of 1270.50; his utilized margin is $800. Note this is not a fee or commission, simply an amount allocated as a margin deposit to open a trade. To view the margins on all instruments offered at ICM Capital please click here.

18. What do I do if there is a connection failure?

In the exceptional instances where you face problems connecting to our servers and need to place, modify, erase, or close trades or require any type of action on or information regarding your online Trading Account, please contact the trading desk immediately by phone on +44 207 634 9777.

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