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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

ICM Capital has chosen to help make a positive difference in the world. From supporting projects that we’re passionate about, to using our voice to shine a spotlight on issues that we believe are unacceptable.

We are incredibly proud of what ICM Capital Cares has achieved and thank you for your continued support. We truly believe that working together we can turn challenges into opportunities, allowing us to always push boundaries to make business and the world better.

ICM Contributes to Childcare Provisions to Enact a Positive Change

December 13, 2022:  With the start of the winter season, ICM contributed to UK-based non-profit organisation Sands End Associated Projects in Action (SEAPIA) by providing warm meal provisions for 70 children aged 4-13 years over a period of 3 weeks.

Sands End Adventure Playground (SEAPIA) was founded in 1970 in London by local residents who recognised the importance of having a place for children to play. Within the last half a decade, SEAPIA has been providing play-childcare provisions for children by engaging them in multiple activities in a stimulating positive environment.

“At ICM, we believe that the measure of a successful business goes beyond the profit that it makes. We see corporate responsibility as self-regulation with the aim of social accountability and making a positive impact on society. Continuously growing as a financial firm, we have big goals for the next year, that will hopefully make a positive impact on lives of the youth who are responsible for shaping the future.” commented Shoaib Abedi, Founder, and CEO of ICM.com

ICM gets ‘crafty’ with SEAPIA

September 7, 2020: ICM partnered with Sands End Associated Projects in Action (SEAPIA) as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) outreach program. In collaboration with ICM, SEAPIA organised a fun-filled activity catered towards children aged 4-13 years. With ICM’s generous contribution of craft supplies and other creative products, SEAPIA provided a motivational and positive reinforcing environment for kids to express themselves freely.

Julie Cavanagh, Manager at Sands End Adventure Playground, further affirms: “The generous donation from ICM provided arts and crafts for the 6-week summer programme. We were also able to provide art and crafts packages for local children that could not attend the centre this year. Although we had to limit our numbers due to Covid-19, ICM’s generous donation has made a big difference to over 40 children and their families."

Ensures everyone has a festive experience

Dubai, June 2017: For many people in the UAE, Ramadan isn’t festive at all. This year, ICM Capital decided to brighten up someone's day by providing not only food, but a touch of warmth in the lives of those less fortunate — truly in the spirit of the Ramadan. Smallest things have a huge effect, ensuring everyone has a great festive experience.

Engaged in doing good at RIT, Dubai

Dubai, May 2017: At ICM Capital, we're committed to helping our clients transform the way they trade. We know that simply being good for ICM Capital is not enough. We must also be good for our partners and the communities in which we live and work. We’re in a great position to make sure that we set an example in our world of trading. As part of this, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge.

This month, we decided to spend a little time with the finance and investment students at ‘Rochester Institute of Technology’ (RIT), Dubai.

We spent the day covering everything from the very basics of trading to technical and fundamental analysis.

We know that a smart future generation means a happy community, and that in turn means happy customers. Everybody wins.



ICM Capital empowers children to overcome poverty

China, Jan 2016 :As a member of the FX Charity Foundation, ICM Capital has participated in Xiangxi Aide et Action. Our insistence in philanthropy lives up to our concept of giving back. We believe resourceful youths lead to a resourceful nation; wealthy youths lead to a wealthy nation; strong youths lead to a strong country. When we saw the frail little faces of children who were eager to learn, we felt it was the perfect opportunity for us to help. Although education does not always change a person’s destiny, it can certainly change a person's perception and endow them with the ability to broaden their horizons. To bring positive effects to the world is part of the corporate culture in ICM Capital.

Get Involved – Make a donation

ICM Capital is about helping to drive action for positive impact. And we’re really lucky to be supported by a community that never stops creating new ways of making a difference. There is so much you can do: from donating to our projects, to coming to support us, to even lending your voice to issues that are unacceptable.






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