TC Adaptive Indicators: Charting Revolution

TC Adaptive Indicators: Charting Revolution


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At ICM Capital we support you to make more educated trading decisions. We are pleased to announce that we are offering three additional sets of tools for your Trading Central indicators to use on your MT4 account.

ALPHA GENERATION provides users with innovative tools that will help improve their investment returns on a risk adjusted basis.

INDICATORS LAB gives access to indicators we think would be useful for those doing their own trading systems - back testing and are looking for out of the box thinking indicators.

RISK MANAGEMENT gives the user 2 great tools to help them better manage the downside risk in volatile markets.

All indicators can be downloaded for free and will be activated automatically for Live Account holders at ICM Capital.

To download the new indicator on your MT4, click here.

NOTE: Before you start using Trading Central MT4 Indicators, please allow the DLL imports as per a screenshot below.

We are delighted to have been part of this event and foresee further growth in the region and worldwide. For more information about ICM Capital please email us

Wish you all the best with your trading!

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