April Contract Expiry Dates 2013

April Contract Expiry Dates 2013


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Please find below the expiry and the next available instruments dates for all futures contracts traded between 1st April – 30th April 2013.

Instrument Trading Month Symbol Available for trading on the platform Expiry Date
OTC Sugar No.11 Future MAY @SBK13 Available 29-Apr-13
JUL @SBN13 22-Apr-13 27-Jun-13
OTC Light Sweet Crude Oil Future MAY +CLK13 Available 19-Apr-13
JUN +CLM13 12-Apr-13 20-May-13
OTC Gold Future APR +GCJ13 Available 25-Apr-13
JUN +GCM13 18-Apr-13 25-Jun-13
Natural Gas Future MAY +NGK13 Available 25-Apr-13
JUN +NGM13 18-Apr-13 28-May-13
OTC Brent Crude Oil Future MAY BRNK13 Available 12-Apr-13
JUN BRNM13 5-Apr-13 15-May-13
CAC 40 Index Future APR CAC40-J13 Available 18-Apr-13
MAY CAC40-K13 11-Apr-13 16-May-13
OTC Gasoil APR GJ13 Available 10-Apr-13
MAY GK13 3-Apr-13 9-May-13

All positions that remain open at expiration will be closed at end of day price.
Please note schedules may subject to change without prior notice.

We ask our customers with existing futures open interest to take notice and act accordingly.

In case of any query please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services team on on +44 207 634 9770 or email us at clientservices@ICMCapital.co.uk. You can also visit our website www.ICMCapital.co.uk and have the benefit of our live chat support.

Wish you all the best trading day!

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