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ICM Capital is delighted to announce that beginning 6th October 2014 Apple, Google and Coffee were added for trading on the powerful MT4 trading platform! You told us what you wanted and we listened.

New Products

Products Fixed Spreads
Apple 20 cents
Google 80 cents
Coffee 90 cents

In addition to these new products, as an ICM Capital client, you will also be able to enjoy competitive fixed spreads on all our popular products. Previously the products below had floating spreads but due to the advantages that come with fixed spreads we have incorporated this across all our products.

Fixed Spreads

Products Fixed Spreads
USD/CNH 25 pips
Currency Futures
2 pips
Gold Future
40 cents
60 cents
Silver Future
0.4 cents
0.5 cents
Natural Gas (NG) 0.03 cents
Gas Oil 2.5 USD
S&P 500 75 cents
NASDAQ 75 cents
Mini Dow Jones (YM) 3 pips
CAC 2.50 EUR
FTSE 100 2 GBP
Existing US Stocks All 10 cents

Advantages of Fixed Spreads

  • Spreads are fixed at all times
  • Don’t change during news announcements
  • Offer a higher level of transparency
  • Automated trading becomes easier
  • Helps to develop solid trading strategies
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