Nasdaq at a record high and S&P500 rallied to its February highs

Nasdaq at a record high and S&P500 rallied to its February highs


Major US stock-indices closed Monday’s session with a big push upwards as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and White House chief of staff Mark Meadows held “productive” discussions. Furthermore, the giant pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly started late-stage trials for its coronavirus antibody treatment, boosting sentiment on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average futures climbed to 26664, the S&P500 futures up at 3294, and Nasdaq futures at record highs of 11,085.


The second-largest city in Australia was declared a “state of disaster” on August 2nd as Covid-19 active cases doubled in July, enforcing very strict curfews and rules till at least September 13th. Furthermore,  the Reserve Bank of Australia left the cash rate unchanged at 0.25%, maintaining the target on 3-year bond yields and will begin to resume bond buying on Wednesday as the economy is going through a very difficult period due to the pandemic.


Gold prices are still hovering near all-time highs as coronavirus cases continue to surge globally. The World Health Organization warned that it’s going to be a long road for things to go back to normal. Meanwhile, the price of a silver ounce held steady near $24.35, and palladium futures are slightly down near $2105.


Oil prices rose nearly 2% on Monday on positive economic data from the U.S manufacturing activity which rose to its highest level in 1.5 years as orders increased despite the pandemic, similarly with Europe’s and Asia’s manufacturing positive output. The West Texas Intermediate crude September delivery up to $40.83, and Brent blend October delivery up to $44.00.

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