Get an iPhone X on us*
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Get an iPhone X on us

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  • Deposit $10,000
  • Trade

The new iPhone X is yours.

Further Terms and Conditions
Eligible Clients, who meet the criteria set forth herein are able to receive a brand-new iPhone X, 64 GB.

Conditions of Eligibility

    • 1.    Subject to, and without prejudice to, all other Business Terms and Policies, the offer is available to all ICM Clients who have a live account and have satisfied the Eligibility Criteria for the offer ("Eligible Clients") as set out in the following sections.
    • 2.     The "iPhone X promotion* " consists of two periods:
      • 2.1     Deposit period – Client is required to make a fresh deposit of 10,000 USD or above between 25th October 2017 to 25th November 2017 to opt in
      • 2.2     Volume calculation period – 30 days from the day the deposit is received and funded into the clients MT4 account.
    • 3.    All ICM clients who would like to opt in for this offer are required to notify ICM client services team by email using the promo code “iPhone2017” during the Deposit period.
    • 4.    Any internal transfers during the promotion period will not be considered a fresh net deposit and consequently clients will not be eligible for this offer.
    • 5.    Any withdrawal activity during either the Deposit or Volume calculation period will result in disqualification from the offer.
    • 6.    All clients who opt in for this offer will receive an email from ICM confirming that their account is now eligible for this promotion.
    • 7.    Only persons who can form legally binding contracts under the laws applicable in their country of residence may participate in the "iPhone X promotion".
    • 8.    Irrespective of the number of trading accounts that may be opened by a client with ICM, the Promotion is applicable for only one trading account opened by each client. 

General Terms

  • 9.    In order to qualify, the participant must
    • 9.1     Complete 200 lots (round turn) or above during the volume calculation period
    • 9.2     Trade a minimum number of 50 trades
  • 10.    Any trades closed less than 3 minutes will not be counted towards the volume calculation period.
  • 11.    Any indication or suspicion, in the Company’s reasonable discretion, of any form of arbitrage (including but not limited to risk free profiting), hedging (including but not limited to, “close by” function), abuse (including, but not limited to, a participant's trading activity patterns that indicate that the participant solely aims to benefit financially from the promotion without being genuinely interested in trading in the markets and/or taking market risk), fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage connected to this promotion or any other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity, will nullify the eligibility of client from the promotion.
  • 12.    In the event you have not traded the required qualifying lots during the volume calculation period, the trades cannot be rolled over to the next volume calculation period and this account will no longer be eligible for the “iPhone X promotion”.
  • 13.    All enrolled accounts who have made fresh deposits between 25th Oct to 3rd Nov will have their trading volume calculated on or shortly after 13th of December
  • 14.    All enrolled accounts who have made fresh deposits after the 3rd of Nov, will have their trading volume calculated on or shortly after the 28th of December.
  • 15.    The qualifying accounts will be announced within 5 working days from the respective volume calculation period.
  • 16.    The “iPhone X” will be ordered and shipped to your registered address within a reasonable time, in the event the phone is unavailable, a currency equivalent at the local market price will be credited into respective MT4 account.
  • 17.    This offer excludes AppleCare+ and/or any additional accessories. Colours are subject to availability.
  • 18.    ICM does not take any responsibility for repair or replacement of the iPhone X nor does it take any accountability for damage or loss of data that may arise of the use/misuse of the iPhone X.
  • 19.    This promotion cannot be combined with any other ICM Capital offers.

Please click here for full trading terms and conditions.

*The apple logo and iPhone trademark are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


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