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Live Trading Championship FAQ's

ICM Capital is pleased to announce the launch of it's first 'Live Trading Championship' starting Wednesday, 25th July 2014.

What's on to win?

Cash Prize + Special Bonus scheme

Qualifying clients?

  1. Existing clients
  2. New clients

Note: Clients must make a new deposit to qualify.

How to win?

  1. The result will be based on the highest return reach market closing on 06/09/14.
  2. In the event of two or more participant's tying, ICM Capital will judge the participant with highest volume traded during the championship.
  3. Net Profit stands for Realised and Unrealised Profit and Loss.
  4. Championship Formula: (Net Profit / Deposits) x 100

Live Championship CASH Prize table:

Winners League 1

Deposit 2,000 USD + 10% Trading Bonus
League 2

Deposit 5,000 USD + 20% Trading Bonus
League 3

Deposit 8,000 USD +30% Trading Bonus
Winner 3,000 USD 5,000 USD 10,000 USD
2nd Place 1,500 USD 2,500 USD 5,000 USD
3rd Place 750 USD 1,000 USD 2,000 USD
4th Place 500 USD 750 USD 1,500 USD
5th Place 300 USD 500 USD 1,000 USD

Live Championship Special Bonus Scheme:

Group Deposit Credit % Credit Bonus Lots to be traded Cash reward
League 1 2,000 USD 10% 200 USD 40 200 USD
League 2 5,000 USD 20% 1,000 USD 200 1,000 USD
League 3 8,000 USD 30% 2,400 USD 300 1,500 USD

Please find below the relevant FAQ

1. Who can participate?

All existing clients are welcome to participate in the Live Trading Championship. New clients must pass the ICM Capital compliance procedures.

2. Can I use my existing trading account to participate in the championship?

No, participants must create a new sub-account by registering for the Live Trading Championship.

4. When should I deposit funds into my championship account?

All deposits must be credited at least 48 hours prior to the championship commencement date.

5. Can I enter with more than one account?

Yes, participants can enter with multiple accounts.

6. Can I enter in different leagues simultaneously?

Yes, participants can register for multiple accounts e.g. one account in League 1 and one account in League 2.

7. Can I change my championship account from League 1 to League 2?

Yes, during the registration participants can change to a different league. However after the championship kick off, participants will not be allowed to change league.

8. What is the entry point?

Each league has a different entry point. i.e. League 1 = USD 2,000, League 2 = USD 5,000, League 3 = USD 8,000

9. Can I enter with 3,000 USD?

No, only the exact amount should be deposited.

10. Entry point deposit surplus/shortfall tolerance?

Due to bank charges or exchange rate fluctuation, ICM Capital will allow USD 100 + or - on deposits.

11. Can I deposit more cash mid championship?

    Yes, however participant will be disqualified from the championship prizes. For more info refer to the Live Trading Championship terms and conditions

12. When to register?

25/06/2014 at 00:01 GMT until midnight of 19/07/2014 GMT.

13. When will I receive my Live Trading Championship password?

You will receive your Live Trading Championship password as soon as your account is open however it will get activated at the start of the championship on 21st July 2014.

14. What is the Live Trading Championship formula?

The result will be based on the highest return reached on market closing on 06/09/14.

15. What happens to my championship account at the end of the championship?

All Live accounts can be kept for trading after the Championship, or withdrawn and disabled from future activities.

16. Is my championship account entitled for credit bonus?

Yes, deposits made into Live Trading Championship account will benefit from special bonus scheme. For more info refer to Live Trading Championship terms and conditions

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