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Trading Examples for Futures

ICM Capital provides electronic access through the MetaTrader 4 to many derivative instruments that mirror the underlying futures markets and offers them at a fraction of the margin requirements. Additionally the ICM Capital Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 offers a full back office function which makes it easy for traders to realize the value of open positions as well as the profit and loss calculation of closed trades. It is essential that ICM Capital's clients understand how a trade works and how to calculate profits and losses manually.

Off-Exchange Futures offered at ICM Capital

ICM Capital focuses on giving access only to those off-exchange futures instruments that are electronically traded, highly liquid, and most desired by online traders.

Details of the Offered Instruments

Class Description Symbol Contract Size Tick value
Energy Derivatives Light Sweet Crude Oil WTI 1,000 Barrels $10.00
  Brent Crude Oil BNT 1,000 Barrels $10.00
  Gasoil GSO 100 metric tones $25
Index Derivatives OTC Wall Street Future WS30 $10 x Index Value $10
  OTC CAC 40 Index Future CAC CAC EUR10 X CAC 40 EUR 5
  OTC DAX Index Future DAX EUR 25 X Dax Index EUR 12.50
  OTC FTSE 100 Index Future UK100 GBP 10 X FTSE 100 Index GBP 5
  OTC Nikkei 225 Index Future NK $5 X Nikkei 225 Index $5
  Mini NASDAQ @NQ $20 x Index Value $5
  Mini S&P SP $50 x Index Value $12.50
Commodity Derivatives Sugar UK100 GBP 10 X FTSE 100 Index GBP 5
  Coffee NK $5 X Nikkei 225 Index $5
  Cocoa @NQ $20 x Index Value $5

Margin Requirements

In order to buy or sell 1 contract (lot) of a futures instrument with ICM Capital, the investor must have a minimum of $1,000 in the account. Though an initial margin of $1,000 is required, ICM Capital has no maintenance margin on standard accounts.

Profit and Loss Calculation Examples

Sell 5 WTI at 107.49 | Buy 5 WTI at 106.87

107.49 (open price) x 5 (lots traded) x 1,000 barrels (contract size) = 537,450

106.87 (close price) x 5 (lots traded) x 1,000 barrels (contract size) = 534,350

$ 3,100 (Profit)

 Sell 4 WTI at 103.28 | Buy 4 WTI at 103.89

103.28 (open price) x 4 (lots traded) x 1,000 barrels (contract size) = 413,120

103.89 (close price) x 4 (lots traded) x 1,000 barrels (contract size) = 415,560

$ 2,440 (Loss)

Buy 3 WS30 at 12927 | Sell 3 WS30 at 13093

12927 (open price) x 3 (lots traded) x 10 (contract size) = 387,810

13093 (close price) x 3 (lots traded) x 10 (contract size) = 392,790

$ 4,980 (Profit) 

Buy 3 WS30 at 12804 | Sell 3 WS30 at 12715

12804 (open price) x 3 (lots traded) x 10 (contract size) = 384,120

12715 (close price) x 3 (lots traded) x 10 (contract size) = 381,450

$ 2,670 (Loss)

CFDs and Spot FX are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66.14% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and Spot FX work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Read More
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